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Tarascon Adult Endocrinology Pocketbook
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  • ISBN-13: 9781449648565

    Paperback   396 pages   © 2014

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  • $19.95


Tarascon Adult Endocrinology Pocketbook is a convenient reference guide that provides a comprehensive review of major endocrine topics along with a succinct presentation of physiology, pathophysiology, and diagnostic and management strategies in endocrinology. Endocrine topics include pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal disorders; male and female reproduction; diabetes and obesity; and calcium metabolism and osteoporosis.



Tarascon Adult Endocrinology Pocketbook is a must-have tool for practicing primary care physicians as well as medical students, residents and endocrinology fellows.

Table of ContentsShow

Part  1  Pituitary
  Chapter  1  Pituitary Essentials
  Chapter  2  Hypopituitarism
  Chapter  3  Prolactinemia and Prolactinoma
  Chapter  4  Acromegaly
  Chapter  5  Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults
  Chapter  6  Pituitary Incidentaloma, NFA, and Craniopharyngioma
  Chapter  7  Syndrome of Inappropriate ADH/Hyponatremia
  Chapter  8  Diabetes Insipidus
Part  2  Thyroid
  Chapter  9  Thyroid Essentials and Thyroid Function Tests
  Chapter  10  Thyrotoxicosis and Hyperthyroidism
  Chapter  11  Hypothyroidism
  Chapter  12  Nonthyroidal illness syndrome
  Chapter  13  Drugs affecting thyroid function and thyroid hormone replacement
  Chapter  14  Thyroid nodule evaluation
  Chapter  15  Papillary and follicular thyroid cancer
  Chapter  16  Medullary thyroid cancer
  Chapter  17  Anaplastic and other poorly differentiated thyroid cancer
  Chapter  18  Thyroid disorders in pregnancy
Part  3  Adrenal
  Chapter  19  Adrenal Essentials
  Chapter  20  Adrenal insufficiency
  Chapter  21  Cushing’s syndrome
  Chapter  22  Primary Aldosteronism
  Chapter  23  Pheochromocytoma
  Chapter  24  CAH in adults
  Chapter  25  Adrenal incidentaloma
  Chapter  26  Adrenocortical carcinoma
Part  4  Calcium and Bone
  Chapter  27  Calcium metabolism Essentials
  Chapter  28  Hypercalcemia
  Chapter  29  Hyperparathyroidism
  Chapter  30  Hypocalcemia
  Chapter  31  Vitamin D Deficiency
  Chapter  32  Osteoporosis
  Chapter  33  Paget’s Disease
Part  5  Reproduction
  Chapter  34  Male Reproduction Essentials
  Chapter  35  Gynecomastia
  Chapter  36  Testosterone Deficiency
  Chapter  37  Male infertility
  Chapter  38  Female reproduction Essentials
  Chapter  39  PCOS
  Chapter  40  Hirsutism
  Chapter  41  Primary ovarian insufficiency
  Chapter  42  Female infertility
Part  6  Diabetes, Metabolism and Obesity
  Chapter  43  Endocrine pancreas and fuel metabolism essentials
  Chapter  44  Diabetes Mellitus
  Chapter  45  Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young
  Chapter  46  DKA and HHS
  Chapter  47  Hypoglycemia in patients with Diabetes
  Chapter  48  Retinopathy
  Chapter  49  Nephropathy
  Chapter  50  Neuropathy
  Chapter  51  Cardiovascular Disease in diabetes
  Chapter  52  Diabetes in Pregnancy
  Chapter  53  Glycemic issues in hospitalized patients
  Chapter  54  Prediabetes and diabetes prevention
  Chapter  55  Diabetic foot disease
  Chapter  56  Hypoglycemic disorders
  Chapter  57  Lipid essentials
  Chapter  58  Lipid disorders
  Chapter  59  Essentials of Adipose Tissue Endocrinology
  Chapter  60  Obesity Management
  Chapter  61  Metabolic syndrome
Part  7  Miscellaneous
  Chapter  62  Carcinoid Syndrome and other Neuroendocrine Tumor Syndromes
  Chapter  63  Polyglandular Syndromes ( Autoimmune and MEN)
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About the Author(s)Show

Marc J. Laufgraben, MD-Clinical Assistant Professor, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, Attending Physician, Hallette Center for Diabetes, Providence, Rhode Island

Geetha Gopalakrishnan, MD

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